I will use the two month residence based stipend [EMARE] at Dundee/Scotland - which takes place during April and May 2004 - for a paid leave.

In the beginning of the nineties an art strike was proclaimed by the Neoists (Stuart Homes et al.). The aim of this art strike was to "demolish serious culture". I think this childish and crud activities have had its time. But still true is, that we have to reflect the artist's function and situation in the society.
And the biggest lack is the unknown influence of free time on the artistic process. The greatest artist of the last century, Marcel Duchamp, most of his life did not work as an artist. This had an enormous influence on modern art. But why?

The aim of this project is to explore the impact of the artist's free time on his creativity. Thereby it is very important, that the free-time given is paid and not only "blank" time.

Johannes Auer, June 2003